What Pete Townshend Personally Told Me

…and a couple hundred other people. This was at a signing of the upcoming CD Classic Quadrophenia in Manhattan on May 29, where Townshend and orchestrator Rachel Fuller discussed the project, answered a few questions, and took the time to greet and autograph for everyone there.


The signing looked something like this.

Pete spoke briefly about the various prior versions of Quadrophenia. While he hardly disowned the 1979 film, he implied that its famously ambiguous and downbeat ending didn’t fully reflect the depth of the album’s concept.

What is Quadrophenia about, then? Pete said,

“There is hope. Even if you’re on a rock in the rain, there is hope.”

If this early hint sung by Alfie Boe is representativeClassic Quadrophenia is going to be a great listen. (Though don’t take my word for it: I also love the 1972 orchestral Tommy.)