Musical Genre: An Exploration Using Bernie Sanders Fight Songs

The fact that I was listening to Bernie Sanders fight songs should tell you where I stand on the upstart Presidential candidate, but this is not a campaign post (though if you want some of those, look over here). Actually I fell under the spell of the breadth and creativity shown by these songs, which are both deeply political and moving and/or funny. Since I think genre perceptions are both bunk and central to everything, I got to marveling at the range you can hear just among those posting to YouTube, with the election still fourteen months away. People are freaking talented.

Roots-Influenced Acoustic

Heck of an opening metaphor.

White Gospel

Beautiful harmony.

Dylanesque Folk Song

“Hey, Bernie Sanders, I wrote you a song” is, of course, an explicit reference to Dylan’s 1962 ‘Song to Woody [Guthrie].’
There’s also this excellent version.

Folk-Rock with a Twist


Stadium Rock

Modern Rock

Indie Pop

Electronic Dance Mix

*still dancing*



Wit, intelligent social commentary, defiance, great beat.

Disagree with my genre names? You’re probably right too.

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