Spotted Online: Mud and Hugh Hanging Out

Wandering around the new-ish online/traveling British Blues Exhibition, I spotted Mud Morganfield and Hugh Laurie hanging out together.
Morganfield_LaurieMud Morganfield is, of course, the creator of this and many other instantly lovable contemporary blues tracks:

He’s also the foremost interpreter of the work of his dad, Muddy Waters. But you knew that.

I saw Hugh Laurie in concert a few years ago. I was probably just boosting my ego thinking I was the only person there for the music and not for House. Laurie was the first to admit that he’s both a throwback and an inauthentic – almost a musical-theaterish – bluesman. Yet he has a deep love and knowledge of the music, and everyone has a great time at his shows, especially him.

And, if I were being totally honest, I’d admit I was mostly there because of this, a.k.a. Seriously, the Best Thing Ever Anywhere.

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