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Schultz vs. Holly

Noticed this in the handsome hardcover Complete Peanuts, dating from November 18, 1957:


So of course I had to go hunting for the #1 hit on that date. It proved elusive for the U.S., but in England it was Buddy Holly and the Crickets’ ‘That’ll Be the Day,’ and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the same on both sides of the pond.

Now we know that Shroeder’s taste is an inch wide and a mile deep, but really, who could hate on Buddy Holly that much? I mean, we’re talking about the original sweet nerdboy here. It just goes to show how shocking those jangly guitars sounded to their original hearers, though they sound so lovably square to us now.

Assuming you’re not on a Beethoven-only diet – and whatever you think of the shape of the nation – go listen to this classic again.