Anti-Famine 40

This June I’m turning 40, and there are four countries experiencing famine right now.

Here’s a story from the Guardian with some personal stories of the famine. Oxfam America is one organization with the reach and infrastructure to help. Not only are they approved by Charity Navigator and the usual folks, they’re highly recommended by ethicist Peter Singer and other hard-headed evaluators. Here’s more about their work in South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, and Somalia.

In honor of my birthday, help me raise funds for this lifesaving mission. No amount is too small (or too big!), but it’d be spiffy if you wanted to chip in one of the following:

Four Dollars

Sixteen Dollars (my birthday’s June 16!)

Forty Dollars

Seventy-Seven Dollars (my birth year: 1977!)

Another Amount

Click on any of these links to go to my dedicated PayPal page. (More about here.) I’ll match funds up to a combined total of, yes, $400.

The money goes to Oxfam first thing on June 17. Even if the worst is over by then – one can always hope – those countries will still need support from those of us more fortunate.

Thank you for my birthday present! Peace and love and a happy summer to you.

Yida, South Sudan, photographed by Pete Muller. Click on the photo for more information.

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