Mugged By Reality

Crash Course for the Ravers Album: Black Tie, White Noise (1993) Prior Level of Acquaintance: Minimal Three-Word Review: Passionate, mournful, welcome It's a breath of fresh air to listen to Bowie's 1993 album following the pleasant but unsatisfying run of Tonight - Tin Machine II. No secret why: In April 1992, Bowie married the lovely … Continue reading Mugged By Reality

Immensely Marvelous

Crash Course for the Ravers Album: David Bowie in Bertholt Brecht's Baal, 1982 Prior Level of Acquaintance: Nonexistent Three-Word Review: Poetic, ravishing, funny When I began my Bowie crash course, I came across references to his 1982 appearance in Bertholt Brecht's Baal, but I got the impression that that soundtrack was unavailable. I should've known … Continue reading Immensely Marvelous

Eighties Haties

Crash Course for the Ravers Album: Tonight, 1984, and Absolute Beginners, 1986 Prior Level of Acquaintance: Minimal (with Tonight) Three-Word Review: Pleasant, superfluous, haunting It's 1984, and it's generally agreed that David Bowie's mojo has taken a powder. Some fans and critics genuinely hate Tonight, not to mention what it presages. I don't hate it, … Continue reading Eighties Haties


Crash Course for the Ravers To me, the big thing that David Bowie does between Scary Monsters.. and Let's Dance is spend a month in Rarotonga filming Nagisa Oshima's Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. Before writing about a film that's had such a huge impact on me, though, a pause for his interstitial singles. 'Cat People (Putting Out Fire)' … Continue reading Squee!