The Resistance Prays

I'm honored to serve as managing editor and monthly(ish) contributor to The Resistance Prays progressive Christian newsletter. Sign up here to receive the daily devotional email - or find The Resistance Prays on Facebook or Twitter. My columns: They speak war, we speak peace - Congress' War Powers Resolution may be a gesture, but it's … Continue reading The Resistance Prays

Earthlings on Fire

Crash Course for the Ravers Album: Earthling (1997) Prior Level of Acquaintance: Moderate Three-Word Review: new, redeeming, frustrating I’m afraid I can’t help it I’m afraid I can This is how I heard the refrain from ‘I’m Afraid of Americans’ when I first listened to it a decade ago while undergoing a root canal. In … Continue reading Earthlings on Fire

Ration Yourself

...because no government is going to do it for you. Atmospheric carbon stands at 400 ppm, and all I can stand to think about is World War II. Four hundred parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere means we're screwed. California is already drying up. Thousands of refugees are driven from their homes due … Continue reading Ration Yourself