Greatest Hits

My favorite short pieces on this site.

Logic Gives Love’s Answer

Death is the Engine of Life: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Jesus, and How Reality Works.
Spirituality | Pop Culture

That Old Pearl Harbor Feeling

Everyone agrees 2016 was a turning point. Where do you plant your feet in the crashing new tide?
History | Cultural Comment | Thoughts on Living

Moral Imagination, Mr. Lawrence

A WWII-set masterpiece asks whether I can affirm our common humanity and still hate your guts.
History | Film | Thoughts on Living

Jesus Was a Refugee

My surprise return to the Episcopal Church and where it led me (to a protest).
Personal Essay | Thoughts on Living | Spirituality

No Spoilers

Why can’t David Bowie and I ‘give everything away’? Special guests Pope Francis and the Childlike Empress.
Personal Essay | Thoughts on Living | Spirituality

Piecemeal Miracle and All You Have to Decide

Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, Desmond T. Doss, a bit of The Lord of the Rings, and our responsibility to the rest of the world.
History | Film | Thoughts on Living

God & Man: No Religion

David Bowie’s ‘Modern Love’ and the theodicies of existential protest. No, really.
Music | Theology

Ration Yourself

We don’t need no stinking carbon footprint, said the Britishers of the 1940s and 50s.
History | Thoughts on Living

The Vegan and the FEPOWs

Donald Watson (co)coined the word vegan in 1944 – groundbreaking compassion for humans and non-humans.
History | Thoughts on Living

Paris and Heart Mountain: Very Assorted Thoughts

Terrorists attacked Paris, and I was at the theater thinking about the WWII internment of Japanese-Americans.
History | Theater | Cultural Comment | Thoughts on Living

Most of History is Mourning

(Warning: explicit. History’s like that.)
History | Theology


Barabajagal; or, That Time Donovan Healed My Broken Arm

True story.
Music | Personal Essay

Full Circle Like a Record

From the 1901 founding of the Victor Talking Machine Co. to great music being made today, in five easy steps.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Rock Star

Big shout-out to that eminent Victorian Joseph Carey Merrick (aka the Elephant Man).
History | Theater

What Pete Townshend Personally Told Me

The deep message of Quadrophenia, straight from its creator’s mouth.

Confessions of a Christmas Carol Addict

That warm and fuzzy classic? Yeah, it’s about death.
Literature | Film | Music | Thoughts on Living