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His Friends and His Relations

An original story to Arthur Conan Doyle and E.W. Hornung, this form of flattery Click here for an e-reader friendly PDF. Watson It was the spring when all conversation turned to the cessation of hostilities for His Majesty’s forces in South Africa. All conversation, that is, except with my friend Sherlock Holmes, who had no… Continue reading His Friends and His Relations

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The Hendersons Will All Be There

Just after the world learned more about founding vegan Sally Shrigley, John Edmundson offers another trove of early veganism over at HappyCow. This article focuses on Fay and Allan Henderson, who ran a vegan guest house for many years; Fay also wrote the world's first avowedly vegan cookbook, published in 1946 when food was still… Continue reading The Hendersons Will All Be There

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Meet Sally Shrigley

Delighted to report that the Vegan Society's Dr. Sam Calvert has drawn a newly complete picture of Society founder Elsie (Sally) Shrigley.  She and Donald Watson got the idea of founding the Vegan Society together while on holiday with the (lacto-ovo) Vegetarian Society, when each found that the other didn't consume lacto or ovo. Watson… Continue reading Meet Sally Shrigley

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Naming Veganism

In the autumn of 1944, a group of acquaintances gathered in London and named themselves Vegans. Their commonalities: they were living through the devastation and deprivation of the Second World War, and they abstained from all animal products. That first group included Elsie (or Sally) Shrigley (top right) and Fay K. Henderson (middle right) as… Continue reading Naming Veganism


History on Mad: Wombwell’s Menagerie

The Anya Hindmarch store on Madison Avenue currently displays a Wombwell Menagerie cage, and I wonder if they know the history. Founded in 1807 England by George Wombwell, the traveling menagerie was perhaps the most successful enterprise of its kind outside the U.S., appearing three times before Queen Victoria. No surprise that Wombwell’s foundation was… Continue reading History on Mad: Wombwell’s Menagerie