Metanoia Season

Metanoia Merriam WebsterSome spiritual stuff happened with me in the fall of 2016. I went back to church, after several years absent, in the beginning of 2017. These are posts related to that.

Jesus Was a Refugee

My surprise return to the Episcopal Church and where it led me (to a protest).

Andrew Garfield Is My Spiritual Director

Two films that helped me re-learn how to pray. Plus great eyebrows.

No Spoilers

Why can’t David Bowie and I ‘give everything away’? Special guests Pope Francis and the Childlike Empress.


Holy Week 1995, Holy Week 2017

And the Sign Said

Stained glass and a slogan that, believe it or not, came to me in a dream.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in We Like Sheep

A spiritual sentimental journey. Quo Vadis next?